1.Ring Rocks

This stone is very amazing for our world this rock found in Canada curling .this stone is very deferent from other stone because here every stone generate different different sound if you hit them and this sound same music instrument sound and any one do not know that how to came the stone here in this hill and if you want to go here and on the other hand search on Google,Youtube,and see the amazing stone.

2.The river Arve

This river is so beautiful for his two streams water Chanel this river one water color blue and other water color is brown if the water in one river Chanel this river suited in Switzerland this river increase this town beautify more and more.

3.Blue Lava

The mountain contains a high concentration of pure sulfur.When you hear about volcanoes, you think of hot mountains laden with beautiful red lava. But the 'Kawah Ijen' volcano in the Java region of Indonesia is quite different in this regard.

Seen from a distance' it seems that a stream of blue light is flowing down the hill. The locals call it Mountain of Blue Fire'!

There are 100 lava flows in Kawah Ezen volcano. The last eruption was in 2002. After that, sulfur is continuously coming out from different parts of it. Explaining the secret of blue light, the scientists said that the blue light comes out of this sulfur vapor before it mixes with the air.

4.Penitente ice

are snow formations found at high altitudes. than i will be talk about a amazing shape ice its name penitent ice its look like strange stone and this type ice shape see to few place this ice shape very amazing The name comes from the resemblance of a field of penitents to a crowd of kneeling people doing penance

5 .Rainbow Hill

Not in the sky, but in the heart of the mountain, the rainbow is embracing - this is what the tourists think at first sight. The name of this beautiful mountain is 'Danzia'. It is located in the Zhangji Danjia Landform Geological Park in Gansu Province in northwestern China. As soon as you set foot here, the purple-blue-sky-green-yellow-orange-red color flashes in the eyes of the tourists. According to geologists, the movement of tectonic plates created this mountain 24 million years ago. Originally, sand was made of stone, but during the formation of the Himalayas, various minerals and plants were mixed in it. And from that, color has been created.