Top 5 Most Secure House In The World

5. Bill gets Home

The 6,000-square-foot home was built with the help of 300 construction workers. 200 of them are electricians. 5,000 square feet of wood has been used to build the house. Rows of 500-year-old Douglas fir trees have been erected to enhance the beauty of the lake adjacent to the house. Sand has been brought from the Caribbean islands in barges, with which the shores of the reservoir have been covered. Each room of Janadu 2.0 is equipped with high-tech sensors to create the desired temperature and light. It is the custom of 'Janadu 2.0' to give the guests their own PIN number when staying in this house. Sophisticated service to match just by mentioning the number. Arrangements have also been made to listen to music as per the choice of the house from the hidden speakers behind the wallpaper of the house. Arrangements have been made to change the picture on the wall of Gates' house as desired. Just pressing a button will change the picture. For this, computer screens worth a total of 60,000 have been installed around the house. One and a half million dollars worth of storage devices are used to hold billions of pictures.

4.Residences of North Korean leaders

Residences of North Korean leaders This is very sensitive aria in North Korea . Kim Jonge un and his family for this are very safety full area this home around have landmind for safety and many security Gard stand here with dangerous Gan for safety and its have atomic safety as a result its take a position in this article

3.Kronstadt Fort Alexandria

Russian behavior is unpredictable. The fort was built to keep those who don't want it away from Russia's St. Petersburg. Moreover, you cannot access its properties. There are nearly 40 forts nearby, and among them, Kronstadt Fort Alexandria is the safest place. Although attempts have been made in vain to occupy the fort, people have given up the time and energy to worry about it because the fort is too safe. The army installed 12-meter-long piles that penetrated the ocean and strengthened the roof of the house. Not only does the entire security end here, but there are also 5535 of these piles that cannot be overthrown. These piles have more layers, making them even more indestructible. The first layer is sand, even if you walk through it, the second layer is concrete, and then the third layer is granite. Although it has been abandoned now, this is not a good idea.

2. White House

As the residence of the most powerful president in the world, the White House is of different interest to people around the world. Turning the pages of history, it can be seen that the White House was known as 'President's Palace', 'Executive Mansion', 'President's House' and many other names at different times.The six-tiered White House has 132 rooms and 35 bathrooms. There are also 412 doors, 146 windows, 26 fireplaces, 6 large staircases and 3 elevators. The building is 18 feet long and 75 feet wide (without entrance porch). The building is 60 feet long on the south side 60 feet 4 inches on the north side. The White House and its environs are located on a total of 16 acres

1. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace was built long ago in 1702 and was the residence of Queen Charlotte. The palace has been renovated many times since its inception, but its original architectural splendor is still intact. Buckingham Palace Information - The royal palace is used as a venue for various ceremonies such as state visits and inaugurations where more than 50,000 people visit the palace every year as guests at various banquets. The main building did not have a spacious reception room. A unique ballroom was built in 1853 by Queen Victoria's pioneering effort, 18 meters wide and 13.5 meters high, and 36.6 meters long. The royal and stylish living room and wonderful bow room are highly worth visiting. The Bow Room was built during the reign of King George IV for the purpose of building a library but was not actually implemented.