Lemon has some remarkable health benefits

Lemon contains a variety of nutrients that help the body build resistance against various cancers

We eat lemons in our daily lives, we all eat more or less. It is usually used to enhance the taste of food. Again, many people make pickles and eat it. Although it is a small fruit in the form of lemon, it has many benefits and is also rich in nutrients.

Let's find out some of the great benefits of lemon-

Prevents cancer

Lemon contains a variety of nutrients that help the body build resistance against various cancers. By keeping lemon in our diet regularly, we can prevent cancer.

Keeps the stomach healthy

Lemon is the ideal tonic for those who suffer from stomach upset. Stomach upset, diarrhea, indigestion, constipation, our discomfort, a glass of lemon + salt water in the beginning will relieve you from this pain. One teaspoon of honey with lemon is better.

Good for the lungs

Lemon takes care of the lungs and removes toxins from the body, lemon keeps the body fat and lipid levels low.

Heals wounds

Lemon is high in vitamins which boosts the body's immune system. It is very effective in controlling any viral infections like cold, flu, fever, and is also important in healing urinary tract ulcers.

Reduces hyper tension

People who do not get enough potassium in their diet are more likely to develop various heart diseases. Lemon juice contains sufficient amount of potassium which helps in reducing hypertension.

Skin care

There is no pair of lemon as a natural cleanser, it helps to retain the beauty of the skin, using lemon juice mixed with honey enhances the beauty of the skin. It controls the contraction of the skin. Removes excess oil from the skin. Lemon juice is a natural anti-septic. Eliminates bacterial infections. Heals acne, brightens skin tone. Eliminates age wrinkles.

Eliminates bad breath

Eliminates gum pain, dental problems, bad breath. There is no need to brush teeth after eating lemon water.

Makes nails beautiful

When you polish your nails with a little lemon, the nails get back their bright color from their discoloration. Dipping the feet, hands, in lemon water is also a benefit.

To lose weight

Regular consumption of fresh lemon juice + water will help you to lose weight gradually.

Control pH levels

Surprisingly, despite being acidic, lemons are alkaline when needed by the body. It does not create acidity in the body. It keeps the pH level of the body in the right condition. Drinking lemon juice + salt water keeps the pH level right.

In the well-being of pregnant women

is very good for pregnant women. It not only keeps the body of the pregnant woman well but also benefits the unborn baby a lot. Lemon's vitamin C and potassium help in the formation of baby's bones, brain and body cells.

Curing shortness of breath

Those who have mild shortness of breath, they can eat a teaspoon of lemon juice before meals as a rule. For those suffering from mild asthma, lemon juice will serve as a medicine alternative for them.

Removes the impression of age

Moreover, many can read the balirekha just like that. Lemon juice is very effective in removing these wrinkles. Put lemon juice on the lines for 15 minutes and wash off.

Some side effects of lemon:

1) Those who have problems with acidity irritate the chest by eating extra lemon.

2) Some people are allergic to lemon, so lemon treatment should be started knowing in advance Otherwise it may be the opposite

3) Lack of carbohydrates and other nutrients can occur if the diet is curbed to lose weight. In that case, if you increase the amount of lemonade you drink, it can cause fatigue in the body.

4) Excessive lemon consumption can cause gas problems. It can cause various problems and discomfort including flatulence.

5) Excessive lemon and lemon juice can cause pain in the abdomen and lower abdomen.

6) If you drink more lemon juice, you may feel a little weak


6) Eating a moderate lemon is good for the health of any person but excess lemon is harmful for health.