Bread pizza make it very interesting way

 bread pizza

bread pizza


Ingredients: 260g high-gluten flour 170g milk 1/2 eggs 4g baking powder 15g sugar 3g salt 20g butter

The right amount of green pepper, the right amount of corn, the right amount of peas, the right amount of onion, the right amount of sausage, the right amount of tomato paste,

the right amount of salad dressing, the right amount of mozzarella cheese practice

1. Add the wet ingredients to the bread machine first, then add the salt, sugar, flour, and finally yeast powder, "He noodles" for 30 minutes.

2. Add butter and continue to knead the dough for about 20 minutes

3. Knead to the complete stage, fermenting until the finger poke the hole without collapsing or rebounding.

4. Divide into small pieces of about 50g each, round and wake up for 10 minutes

5. Press each dough flat and vent, then press it into a slightly thin round cake in the middle, leave to ferment in a warm place

6. Cut the vegetables into small pieces as shown in the picture; slice the sausage; rub the mousse into shreds; it is best to use pizza sauce, I am lazy and use tomato sauce instead

7. Spread an appropriate amount of tomato sauce on the surface of the noodles, and put on the thin vegetables and sausage slices

8. Sprinkle with chopped mozzarella and squeeze with salad dressing lines

9. After fermentation, put it in the preheated oven in advance and bake at 190℃ for about 20 minutes.

 bread pizza


When using a bread machine and noodles, wet materials such as milk or water should be added to the bread bucket first, and then dry materials such as flour should be added.

And yeast should not be in direct contact with sugar and salt, so as not to affect the efficacy of yeast.


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