The benefits and nutritional value of apples


When I'm hungry, I pick up a burger or a pizza. I didn't think my stomach was full and my body was full. Although, this is a very wrong idea. In fact, such foods are making our bodies worse. So, there are thousands of problems nesting in the body. In 2004, more than 100 foods were studied in the United States

Basically, this study was done to find out the amount of antioxidants in foods. The red and green apples are ranked 12th and 13th respectively. So let's take a look at some of the properties of apples that help us stay healthy.

1. White teeth Playing apples is a great benefit to the teeth. This is because when we start chewing apple bites, saliva forms inside our mouths. This method removes harmful bacteria from the corners of the teeth. As a result, the bacteria can no longer harm the teeth. So, do not take care of your teeth just by eating apples! Remember to take care of your teeth using a paste brush.

2. Eliminates cancer: According to the American Association for Cancer Research, eating apples reduces the risk of pancreatic cancer by about 23%. Because apples contain a lot of flavonols. Researchers at Cornell University have also found some ingredients in apples known as triterpenoids. This ingredient inhibits the growth of cancer cells in the liver, breast and colon.

Research from the National Cancer Institute in the US has shown that the amount of fiber in apples helps prevent colon cancer.

3. Reduces the problem of diabetes Girls who eat apples every day have a 26% lower risk of developing diabetes. That's because the fiber in apples helps keep blood sugar levels right.

4. Reduces cholesterol The fiber in apples helps reduce intestinal fat. As a result, cholesterol levels remain correct. And once the level of bad cholesterol in the body starts to decrease, the risk of any damage to the heart decreases.

5. Heart keeps well As mentioned earlier, the fiber in apples helps reduce cholesterol. Also, the phenolic ingredient in apple peel helps to remove cholesterol from the blood vessels. This allows the heart to circulate normally. This reduces the risk of any damage to the heart.

6. Helps to heal gallstones When too much cholesterol builds up in the gallbladder, gallstones form. Doctors recommend eating fiber-rich fruits or foods all the time to reduce gallstones. It is also recommended to reduce weight and cholesterol levels to cure gallstones. By the way, there is no substitute for Apple to make sure that all this works properly.

7. Eliminates diarrhea and constipation Do you go to the bathroom again and again all day? Do you have to run to the bathroom to play something? What happens again, when you go to the bathroom to sit for a long time? But the stomach is not clean at all. Then there is only one cure for these two problems. That is, apples, which can draw extra water from the waste as needed. As a result, on the one hand, you do not have to go to the bathroom extra times, on the other hand, it increases the digestive power, as well as eliminates the problem of constipation.

8. Helps to lose weight There are so many people who are suffering from excess weight. Again, for this reason alone, various diseases begin to take up residence in the body. Even, diabetes, bone disease is nothing. So if you want to say goodbye to all those diseases, then eat apples as a rule. The fiber present in the fruit helps to fill your stomach without any calories. As a result, the weight also comes under control.

9. The liver is healthy. Everything we eat contains some or the other harmful substances. As a result, our liver begins to be damaged. That is why keeping the liver healthy is a matter of great concern. However, apples can keep the liver 100 percent healthy. This helps in getting rid of the harmful substances that have accumulated in the liver very easily.

10. Boosts immunity Apple contains a type of antioxidant, known as quercetin. It boosts our body's immunity and helps keep our body healthy.

11.Eliminates dehydration: Apples contain a lot of water which quenches thirst and dehydration and helps to keep the body cool.