Unbelievable benefits of blackberry fruits

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Why not Blackberry fruit? How useful is this berry?

Virtually all home gardens cultivate a variety of vegetables and fruits. A special place in the fruit plants has moved currants. It makes unique healing properties, which have been known since our great-grandmother. However all owners know exactly how to care for your data bushes, many of them sometimes wonder why BlackBerry does not start to bear fruit. You will learn from today's article about the causes of this problem.

What is a plant worth?

Wild shrubs become monks who are involved in Kievan living on the Russian border. This happened back in the X century, and since then began to breed in almost all European countries. For those who know why black currants bear fruit poorly, it is interesting and what would be useful to this plant.

Berries, buds and leaves of this shrub have excellent healing properties. They contain a number of essential oils, so they are used as an antiseptic. In addition, black currant has diaphoretic diuretic and fixing effects. It is also composed of a plurality of various vitamins, including A, P, B and C. It is also rich in iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, salicylic acid, flavonoids, glycosides, glucose, organic acids and tannins.

Why berry or fruit?

Under favorable conditions, this plant brings harvest year. And the fruit falls in the fifth year after peak planting. With proper care and favorable conditions can collect about thirty kg of berries from one hectare. However, some gardeners began to complain about the lack of a good harvest and see why the fruit was suspended to carry black currants.

is one of the things that reduces the amount of ripe berries, before it is considered flowering. If pollinating insects do not show enough activity when it is upside down near the cold period, you should not expect to receive a plentiful crop.

Second, no less important cause is the deformed shrub. Some amateur gardeners leave an excessive amount of root stems or even inexperience to ignore this process.

Landing site choice

Those who want to find out why the fruit does not berry, it should understand that the yield depends on where the hive is located. Perhaps it is placed in the shade and it lacks sunlight. In May, on the contrary, raisins grew along the fence, in the scorching heat and did not have time to ripen fruit.

Shrub acid soil plants are not recommended. Aries where it is planned to grow currants, proizvestkovat desirable pre. This should be done a year before the intended landing.

How to form a shrub?

There are two more questions to ask: "Why not Blackberry fruit", you need to provide it with proper care. Young shrubs planted in the spring need to cut almost the entire ground segment so each branch has no more than two or three buds. This manipulation stimulates the formation of new radical branches.

A year later, in the spring, you need to prune the stems, so that the ground above remains two kidneys. More fruit usually leaves more than three stems. All other branches are completely removed.

Not more than twenty - a shrub leaves twelve healthy root stems on the fourth in the third year. To promote the good results of this manipulation. The bush on the berry thus formed seems to be quite large.

Diseases, decreased production

For those who do not know why black currant flowers, but not fruit, will be useful for information related to the prevention of the normal formation of berries.

One reason for the lack of crops may be the opposite. The leaf raisins become longer with this disease and become a tapered shape. A characteristic fragrance emerges from the tree and the flowers change purple color. Shrub infected reversal, you must dig and destroy.

Another insect that prevents fruit is bud sprouts. It is recommended to plant garlic to prevent its occurrence in the bush. The drops attack the young buds, are actively developing in them.

For those who understand why BlackBerry wants fruit, it will be interesting to know about other reasons. It is a butterfly-sesiidae. Leaves affected by insect information, begin to fade. The insect gnaws the moves inside the young stems. Infected stalks should be cut and garden pitch sealed.

Is it possible to rejuvenate old raisin bushes?

This is done with the exception of one year of healthy branches, cut across the ground part. And I am shortening the basic stems so that there are only one or two buds above the ground. In the first two years after regeneration it is recommended to carry out the process of shrub formation, taking care that the results were more than five or six stems of different ages. To grow strong and well-fruited blackberries, you need to regularly fertilize the soil with mulch and mineral dressings, as well as timely and loosen the water.