Many kinds of fruit figs, know all the great benefits! Fig fruit


English: Ficus, Fig tree; Scientific name: Sycamore Fig, Ficus sycamore. More than 650 species of woodpeckers belonging to the genus Moraceae. This species of tree, shrub, vine, etc. is collectively known as fig tree or fig.

Figs are soft and sweet fruits. The coating part of the fruit is very thin and contains many small seeds inside. The fruit can be eaten dried and ripe. This species grows in warmer climates. Sometimes it is used as a jam. Also, figs are used in snacks.

There is another species of fig called Jagadumur or Yajnadumur, whose scientific name is Ficus racemosa. Basically this type of fig is eaten with curry. There is also another fig tree called Ashwattha or People, whose scientific name is Ficus religiosa. It is a banyan tree, with pointed tips. In addition to the above species, there are many other species of figs.

Figs are very beneficial. Let's not look at the incredible quality of figs!

1. Fig juice is very beneficial for diabetics. 2. Playing 3-5 figs every day increases sexual energy. 3. If there is excessive bleeding during menstruation in girls, it is beneficial to mix a little honey with the juice of young figs and cure bile. 4. Figs are useful in bile and dysentery. 5. It contains a lot of iron (playing too much can cause constipation). 6. Beneficial in hemoptysis, hemorrhage and anemia. 7. It acts as a tonic when cooked and eaten after a fever. 8. Eating fig juice with milk and sugar also stops more menstruation. 9. In case of diarrhea, it is better to chew the leaves of young figs with rice for 3 days. 10. In case of white and bloody diarrhea, it is beneficial to mix 2 teaspoons of juice and honey from the bark of fig tree and eat it twice a day. 11. Fried figs are good for dizziness. 12. In case of excessive hiccups, the outer part of the fig should be cut and soaked in water for one hour. Then strain the water and drink a teaspoon to stop the hiccups. 13. Boiling fig bark with water and washing the skin with that water is beneficial for skin discoloration and wound diseases. 14. Boil it with milk and apply it. 15. In case of anorexia, good results can be obtained by consuming 1 teaspoon of raw fig juice.