20 Benefits Of Neem Tree

Fear of the neem tree makes AIDS tremble '- yes, that's right, neem leaves help a lot in killing the AIDS virus. If there is a neem tree in the house, it works more than a doctor. Neem (Scientific name: AZADIRACHTA INDICA) The extraordinary qualities of neem leaves in the field of treatment

1. To eradicate malaria

Neem leaves are very beneficial for malaria. Malaria is best treated with neem leaf extract. Similar results are obtained by using neem leaf extract mixed with water or alcohol.

2. To relieve stress and unrest

Those who are more stressed and restless should drink Nimpata juice regularly. Because playing a small amount of neem leaf extract reduces stress and mental turmoil.

3. Birth control

Neem acts as a birth control agent for both men and women. Before intercourse, sperm dies if the woman is soaked in neem oil and put it on her genitals for 15 minutes. Neem Leaf Tablet is used as a birth control pill for men. Eating a handful of neem leaves every day does not make you pregnant. 6 weeks Male Neem oil consumption does not make the woman pregnant. So it is very beneficial for men and women who want to delay having children.

4. As a great medicine for AIDS

The juice extracted from the bark of the neem tree is capable of killing the AIDS virus. There is no risk of AIDS if you drink neem leaf juice or thick leaf or neem leaf tea.

5. Healing ulcers

Peptic and duodenal ulcers are cured by drinking neem leaf juice and juice from neem seeds


6. In the treatment of jaundice

Mix 25-30 drops of neem leaf juice with a little honey and eat it on an empty stomach in the morning to get rid of jaundice.

7. To cure diabetes

1 tablespoon of neem leaf juice in the morning on an empty stomach for 3 months to cure diabetes. You can eat it in other ways too - even if you take 10 neem leaf powder or chew it every morning, it is good for diabetes. Drinking neem leaf juice reduces the tendency to take insulin by 30-60%.

8. Cure night blindness

Neem leaves are very beneficial for night blindness. If someone has night blindness problem, then night blindness is better by playing fried neem flower.

9. To relieve eye pain

In case of itchy eyes, boil neem leaves in water for ten minutes and cool it. You have to give that splash of water in your eyes. Feel comfortable in it. Neem leaves paste a little dry ginger and sea salt together and heat it a little and apply it on a clean thin cloth to cover the eyes. It cures eye pain and soreness.

10. To get rid of red arthritis

Mixing the juice of the bark of neem root and raw milk and playing it for a while cures red arthritis.

11. To cure headaches

Our headaches are a common ailment. So if you apply neem oil regularly, headaches will be reduced.

12. Cancer prevention

The role of neem leaves in cancer treatment is incomparable. Especially neem oil, bark and leaf juice is good for cancer-tumors, skin cancer etc.

13. To get rid of lice

Girls get lice on their heads. And in many cases, lice cause various problems in the head. So it is very important to cure lice. In this case, the neem flower beetle kills the lice.

14. In the treatment of heart disease

Neem leaf juice is good for heart disease. Neem leaf juice helps in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. By diluting the blood, it also plays a role in reducing the heartbeat.

15. Viral diseases

Neem leaves are used to treat viral diseases in the Indian subcontinent. Neem leaf juice eliminates the virus. Earlier, chicken pox, measles and other skin diseases were treated with neem leaf paste. Neem leaves with raw turmeric are added to the spring cocoon and the cocoon dries quickly. He also boiled neem leaves in water and took a bath with water to get rid of skin burns and itching.

16. To cure worms

The quality of neem to cure worms is immense. Take 3-4 grams of crushed neem bark with a small amount of sea salt on an empty stomach in the morning to prevent worm infestation. I have to take it regularly for a week. Serve 1-2 grams for children.

17. Dental care

Brushing your teeth with young neem leaves is good for your teeth. Brushing your teeth with neem powder is good for your teeth and gums. Mixing neem leaf juice with water or gently washing the face with neem reduces tooth decay, tooth decay, bleeding and gum pain.

18. To eliminate nightmares

Mix 1-2 teaspoons of neem bark juice with 1 (one) glass of cow's milk and drink it at night while sleeping to get rid of nightmares.

19. Relieves nausea or vomiting

If vomiting occurs, drinking neem leaf juice with 5-6 drops of milk will reduce vomiting.

20. In making neem tea

Delicious neem tea can be made by mixing honey with dried neem leaf powder or 7/8 leaves of fresh neem leaves in hot water for 2/3 minutes, but for newcomers the time limit is 1 minute. The more fuel you give, the more bitter it will be.