32 Unbelievable Benefits Of Onion and qualities and its health benefits.

Onions we eat every day in one way or another. Onion has special benefits as a spice in cooking. People from almost all countries use onions when cooking. In addition to delicious food, onions have many medicinal properties. Many of us do not know about the various properties of the well-known onion. But this onion has many qualities and its health benefits.

In addition to enhancing the taste of food, onions have numerous benefits. A large onion contains 7.8 percent water, 1.2 percent protein, 11.6 percent sugar, 0.17 percent calcium, 0.04 percent phosphorus and 0.6 percent iron. Onions also contain vitamins A, B and C.

Onions contribute a lot to prevent various diseases and infections. If you are sick and want to take any medicine to recover quickly, then onion is most beneficial. The extraordinary use of onions is given here.

1. Diabetic prevention

Onions help prevent diabetes by increasing the body's insulin. It also helps keep blood sugar levels right.

2. To reduce cholesterol

Onions are rich in sulfur, fiber, potassium, vitamin-B and vitamin-C.onions is very low in fat and sodium.

3. To relieve fever, cold and cough

Fever, cold, cough, sore throat, allergies etc. can be eliminated very quickly by onion. Mixing honey with onion juice cures the disease immediately.

4. Eliminating side-effects

Putting a piece of onion in half on the forehead eliminates the side effects of fever.

5. To stop bleeding

If there is blood in the nose, if you inhale a piece of onion in front of the nose, the bleeding will slow down.

6. To overcome sleep problems

If those who have sleep problems get in the habit of eating onions every day, their sleep problems will definitely go away.

7. Solve digestive problems

Onions can improve the digestive system. For those who have digestive problems, it is cured by increasing the digestive juice as a result of eating onions.

8. To fill the wound space

Applying onion juice on burns, insect bites and bee stings can get rid of it quickly. However, planting onions in the wound area increases the irritation.

9. Prevents cancer

Onions also help prevent cancer. It helps in eliminating head, neck and colon cancer.

10. In diseases

Onions contain anti-biotic, anti-septic, anti-microbial and antiseptic. Which helps to eliminate disease infections.

11. To eliminate excess cholesterol

Eliminates bad cholesterol from the body and protects good cholesterol.

12. Introduction to the problem of arthritis

Arthritis is one of our common diseases. Onions play an effective role in relieving arthritis.

13. In relieving pain

Onions can be used to relieve any pain in the body. For this, onion should be fried with sesame oil or castor oil. Then apply to the sore spot.

14. To remove dark spots on the skin

Mix onion and turmeric juice together to remove dark spots on the skin. You will get many benefits.

15. For the benefit of ears and eyes

Onion juice is used to treat ear and eye problems. Onion juice is used to clear the eyesight of children.

16. Beneficial to the teeth

Takes a pair of onion juice to cure various types of dental diseases. Used to remove tooth decay.

17. To regenerate body cells

Onions rejuvenate the tissues of the body. So the role of onion in the benefit of the body is a lot.

18. To enhance memory

For best memory and strong nervous system, take onion as your favorite food.

19. To prevent hair loss

Use onion juice on the scalp to prevent hair loss. This is the biggest advantage of onions.

20. To solve the gas problem

Onions contain a lot of water. It plays an effective role in overcoming the gas problem.

21. To protect the tree from insects

Mix four onion paste, two tablespoons red chilli powder, two cloves of garlic and water well. Now mix two tablespoons of soap in two gallons of water. Mix onion paste in this soapy water. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle and spray the plant. onions will safe us from various insects.

22. To reduce ear pain

Onion can be an immediate relief if the ear pain starts suddenly. It contains anti-inflammatory which prevents inflammation. If you have ear pain, put a piece of onion inside the ear. It softens the earwax and helps to flush it out. Make sure that the onion does not get too much inside again.

23. To make bee bites better

Bee bites can crush onions or cut a piece of onion. This will prevent burns and protect against any allergic side effects caused by bee bites.

24. Eliminate the smell of paint

When the house is painted new, there is a kind of smell. Cut a piece of onion and dip it in water and leave it in a corner of the newly painted room. The smell of onion color will be completely absorbed.

25. To get rid of the cold

The mixture of honey and onion reduces phlegm and relieves cold. It works like an antibiotic to kill bacteria in the body.

26. To remove rust

The knife rusts almost all the time. Cut a large onion with a rusty knife. And see the rust of the knife has completely disappeared. If the rust does not go away the first time, cut the onion again.

27. Increasing insulin

Onions help the body increase insulin. It lowers blood sugar and treats diabetes.

28. To remove burnt stains from pots and pans

Many times the curry is burnt and stains appear on the pots and pans. Onions are very effective in removing these stains. Clean the burnt pot with onion juice. You will see that the burn marks have completely disappeared.

29. To clean the stove

The oil, the fat in the oven becomes sticky. There is no pair of onion to clean the stove by removing the stickiness of this oil. Mix onion juice and equal amount of salt. Rub it on the stove stain with it. After a while you will see that all the stains are gone.

30. Increases sexual ability

Onions help increase sexual potency. Drinking at least one glass of onion juice every day increases sexual potency. Thus playing regularly increases sexual ability by about 200%. Those who do not like to eat onion juice will also benefit from eating raw onions with food.

31. Beneficial for the heart

Onion prevents blood from clotting and lowers blood cholesterol. So onions are extremely beneficial for the heart. Many cardiologists regularly tell patients to eat onions. In particular, Harvard doctor Victor Gudewich advises his patients to eat at least one onion a day.

32. Healthy kidneys

Kidney benefits can be obtained by mixing sugar with onion juice.

33. Protected from testosterone

Heatstroke can be extremely dangerous if not treated at the right time. This type of stroke has a cold effect on the body when the onion is spread on the legs and behind the neck, which protects against stroke.

34. Detoxifies the body

Onions contain a lot of natural sulfur compounds which are extremely beneficial for the body. Sulfur contains amino acids found in garlic and eggs. These amino acids are called methionine and cysteine. These elements release the body from various harmful metals. They even remove lead, arsenic and cadmium from the body. Onions contain vitamin C which purifies the body and protects the body from lead, arsenic and cadmium.