Do you know these tortoise feed?


Do you know what is M grain, Z grain, R grain, T grain? How are they different? How should I choose the right tortoise food for tortoises at home? This article will tell you the answer one by one.

Do you know what is M grain, Z grain, R grain, T grain? How are they different? How should I choose the right tortoise food for tortoises at home? This article will tell you the answer one by one.

M-grain, Z-grain, S-grain, R-grain, T-grain, F-grain, etc. are the initials of various brands of tortoise grain English name, M-grain is muzuri (mazurui) tortoise grain, Z-grain is Zoo Med Tortoise food, S food is Sudo tortoise food, R food is Rep-cal tortoise food, T food is T-rex tortoise food.

1. M Food, Mazuri (Mazury) Tortoise Food

Mazuri tortoise food is very common in American tortoise farms, because of its rich nutrition, tortoises gain weight faster.

Cost-effective, many domestic tortoise breeders will also choose Mazury tortoise food. The oiliness is larger, the water soaked in the turtle food will be a little turbid.

1. Mazuri 5M21 is the old tortoise grain of Mazurui. The main ingredient is soybeans, which has good palatability. Many tortoises can accept it. The nutritional ingredients are also more comprehensive.

Compared with the new version, it has less cellulose. The protein content per gram of turtle food is not less than 15%, the fat content is not less than 3%, calcium is not less than 0.95%, not more than 1.45%, phosphorus is not less than 0.6%, and sodium is not less than 0.1%.


Do you know these tortoise feed?

Matsuru has good palatability and many tortoises can accept it

2. Mazuri 5E5L has recently introduced a new version of Mazurui's new high-fiber and low-starch tortoise grain in China. The main raw material is soybeans like the old version, which increases the fiber content.

It looks like a mixed version of the old Mazury and Zoo Med. It smells fruity and tastes better than 5M21.

Do you know these tortoise feed?

2. Z Food, Zoo Med Tortoise Food

The only tortoise feed on the market that uses natural grass as the main raw material. The main ingredients are various forages (oat grass, Timothy grass, alfalfa grass), dandelion young leaves, yucca young leaves and other plant tortoises like tortoises, which are rich in fiber. Add a variety of vitamins and trace elements, without artificial colors, preservatives, spices.

The high-fiber and low-protein formula can prevent dorsum, which is beneficial to intestinal health. Z food is divided into larval turtle food, natural forest turtle food, and dryland desert turtle food according to the protein content.

The larval turtle food is actually a half-water turtle food, because the tortoise larvae need to consume higher protein. Although it is natural grassy, it has poor palatability and is not easily accepted by most tortoises. The price is almost double that of M grain.

1. Now I am start With best feed name Natural Grassland Tortoise Food that is dry land desert type, suitable for four-claw, European, Herman, Sukkada, leopard tortoise, cookie tortoise. Developed for vegetarian tortoises, with a crude fiber content of 26%, a protein content of 9%, and high fiber and low protein to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and digestion.

2, Natural Forest Tortoise Food natural forest type, suitable for red legs, yellow legs, Burmese land, lotus leaf, boots feet. On the basis of high fiber, there are a few fruits (papaya and mango) and animal protein in the rain forest type tortoise grain. The crude fiber content is 23% and the protein content is 13%, which meets the unique needs of rain forest type.


Do you know these tortoise feed?

Do you know these tortoise feed?

Leopard tortoise eating Z food

Do you know these tortoise feed?

Eat Z food, digest well, and form stool

Three, T food, T-REX fruit flavor tortoise food

1. T-rex Tortoise Dry Formula fruit flavored turtle food. The main ingredient is vegetables, crude protein content is not less than 13%, crude fat is not less than 3%, crude fiber is up to 10%.

The colorful appearance, good palatability, tortoise is more acceptable. The price is a bit higher than Z.

2. T-rex SandFire Superfoods Tortoise Dust VF super turtle food. Main ingredients: alfalfa leaf powder, hemp seeds, fig powder, honey powder, defatted wheat germ, bee pollen, saccharomyces cerevisiae, calcium carbonate, calcium hydrogen phosphate, yeast culture, spirulina, kelp powder, seaweed, marigold extract, fan Rosemary extract, vitamins, probiotics, edible preservatives, etc.

Protein content is not less than 13%, fat is not more than 2.5%, crude fiber is not more than 15%, moisture is 8%, calcium is between 2.3% and 2.7%, various vitamins. It can be mixed with fresh green leafy vegetables or dissolved in water to make "salad juice" and sprinkled on the leaf or turtle food.

There is no need to add other vitamins and calcium powder when feeding each meal.

4. REP-CAL Fruit Flavored Tortoise Food

Rep-Cal Maintenance Formula Tortoise Food with Fruit is similar to T food, it is also a colorful fruit flavored tortoise food. The price is close to T grain.

Fifth, Nature Zone

Nature Zone Tortoise Bites, fruit-flavored tortoise food chew. Rich nutrition mix, rich in natural fruit fiber ingredients. It is suitable for feeding tortoises in new environments or tortoises that are recovering from illness.

Because the turtle food itself is orange-yellow, it can stimulate the tortoise's appetite, and the taste is cantaloupe fruity, soft and moist. It is rare in the domestic market.

The above are American turtle food brands.


Herp Craft Tortoise Food Japanese brand, the main ingredient is alfalfa, balanced with a variety of vitamins and calcium and other trace elements, natural grassy fragrance, no coloring, no sweetener, low protein content, high fiber content, help prevent tortoise long-term Swollen back and other organ diseases caused by excessive protein intake.

Compared with M grains, the water soaked in feed is clear and not turbid. At present, there are manufacturers in China that produce SUDO grains. Of course, the best imported ones are available. The price is higher.

Seven, JBL

German brand, the main ingredients are vegetables, hay and minerals. The protein content is 12.5%, the fat content is 2.5%, and the crude fiber content is 22%.

8. Lifeline

Domestic brands, water turtle half-water turtle food is relatively mature, and land turtle food is also on the rise. According to the different nutritional structure, it is divided into sub/adult tortoise food and tortoise food. fair price.

IX. Vegetarian Grazer Master

Domestic brands are classified into dry land desert type and rain forest type like Z grain.

1. Vegetarian Tortoise Diet Dryland Desert Grassland Tortoise Forage, Ingredients: Mainly grasses, compositae, legumes, plantains, convolvulaceae, cactaceae and other plants. Suitable for: daily feeding of Sukkada, leopard tortoise, and large tortoise.

2. Vegetarian Shrubbery Tortoise Forage Shrubbery Tortoise Forage, Ingredients: Mainly composed of plants such as Asteraceae, Leguminosae, Plantagoceae, Morusaceae, Malvaceae, Vitisaceae, Rosaceae. Suitable for: daily feeding of radiation, star turtles, and tortoises in high latitudes.

Most tortoise grains usually need to soak in water for a few seconds to a few minutes before feeding, changing the texture.

The soaking time is determined according to the composition of the tortoise grain and the hardness of the tortoise grain required by the tortoise.

Do not soak for too long. For domesticated non-larvae tortoises, it is recommended not to frequently feed tortoise grains with higher protein content to "promote weight", which may cause overnutrition and bring a series of nutritional diseases such as excessive dorsal back.