How It possible and How to work strawberry for health

There are many benefits and qualities of strawberries. Strawberries are quite tasty and fun to eat. Strawberries are a favorite fruit of all of us. Although strawberries are well known, many people are not aware of its health benefits. Let's know about the benefits and qualities of strawberries-

To lose weight

Strawberries contain fat burning hormone which plays an important role in weight loss. It helps to satisfy hunger, keeps the stomach full, reduces the amount of glucose which directly helps to lose weight.

To reduce blood pressure

Strawberries contain potassium which keeps blood circulation normal. This protects against high blood pressure.

To keep the heart moving

Strawberries help keep the heart active. It contains lots of antioxidants, flavonoids and polyphenols. The ingredients in it keep the arteries of the heart well. The ingredients in strawberries keep the heart healthy from harmful cholesterol.

To increase immunity

Vitamin C in strawberries enhances immunity. The amount of vitamin C in strawberries is about 51.5 mg. Drinking two cups of strawberry juice every day meets 100% of the body's need for vitamin C.

Skin and hair care

Vitamin C keeps skin fresh. And strawberries contain a lot of vitamin C and it is also very effective in reducing the impression of age. The folic acid, B5, B6 in strawberries keeps hair strong and strong.

To reduce the risk of stroke

The nutrients and antioxidants in strawberries keep blood circulation normal. So you can eat rose strawberries to protect yourself from the risk of stroke.

Beneficial for bones

The manganese, magnesium and potassium in strawberries are good for bone formation in children. In addition, these elements keep the bones strong and strong.

Cancer prevention:

Strawberries help prevent cancer cell growth. Strawberries play a strong role against cancer. Regularly eating strawberries does not cause cancer cell formation.