90 freelance websites


90 freelance websites

90 websites necessary for cross-border freelance jobs — Find the best place for cross-border freelance jobs on the Internet.

The way to build a stand-alone website started from a freelance trans-boundary freelance career. Until now, I have my own blog, and I have created several websites in the translation industry before.

If you also want to have your own blog site, or other types of websites, you may wish to read the following my previous articles-"How to build a WordPress site on SiteGround" and "Teach you to build a knowledge-paying, monetized WordPress on GreenGeeks" website".

Painful Translation has compiled some top websites suitable for cross-border free occupations. You can find many job opportunities, broaden your horizons, and enhance your professional ability. Next, let's take an in-depth inventory of the 90 websites necessary for cross-border free occupations.

Comprehensive cross-border freelance website

There are many categories of cross-border freelance jobs, such as picture editing, content writing, SEO, etc. The opportunities are actually quite many. At the same time, there are many sub-sectors and sub-sectors online, and not every job category has a corresponding website, so we also need to pay attention to the general cross-border free occupation website. If you are looking for a cross-border freelance website that contains various positions, here are a few of the largest cross-border freelance websites.



Upwork is the world's largest cross-border freelance platform, with 12 million registered cross-border freelancers and 5 million registered customers. There are as many as 3 million freelance jobs posted on Upwork each year, valued at approximately $1 billion. Fees: Upwork is free to apply, but after finding a job through Upwork, the platform will charge a service fee from the fees paid by each customer. The service fees drawn by the Upwork platform include:

20% of the first $500 paid by the customer 10% of the customer’s lifetime payment, approximately between $500 and $10,000 If the customer pays more than $10,000, the platform will draw 5% of your income for life

Advantages: Upwork is the world's largest comprehensive cross-border freelance job, which is unmatched by other cross-border freelance websites. Disadvantages: Because Upwork is the largest gathering place for freelance practitioners in the world, the bidding is very fierce. Moreover, many cross-border freelancers come from countries and regions with relatively low consumption levels. Their fees are lower, but the level is comparable.


Flex in FlexJobs means "zero work", so this website is also focused on more flexible freelance positions. It includes remote work (both full-time and part-time), flexible on-site work, and many freelance positions. Fees: FlexJobs is a paid membership website, mainly for freelancers. The general charge is $14.95 per month. If you pay a three-month ($29.95) or one-year fee ($49.95), you can reduce the number of monthly payments. Advantages: All jobs on FlexJobs have to pass the review, so the positions on this website are legal and formal.

Disadvantages: Not all jobs on FlexJobs are cross-border freelance positions, so not every position is suitable for you.


Craigslist is similar to 58 cities in China, and is also a platform for publishing cross-border freelance jobs. This website belongs to the advertising category publishing website. Because of its wide coverage and low posting fees, it has gradually become one of the most popular websites for employers. Fees: Free for cross-border freelancers! Employers will charge a small fee when posting positions. But if you search for a job on this website, applying for a job is completely free.

Advantages: In the United States, because each city has a corresponding Craigslist subsite, you can easily search for the corresponding job in your city. If you want to increase your chances of applying successfully, you can also switch to job postings in other US cities.

Disadvantages: This website is really similar to the 58 cities in China. Many job positions are junk posts and junk advertisements. Therefore, before sharing personal information, confirming a job, or starting a job, be sure to find ways to ensure that the position is a regular position.



Fiverr is a professional freelance platform connecting cross-border freelancers and employers. The professional service categories are more detailed, probably in more than 250 different categories. No matter what kind of freelance job you are looking for, you can almost find it on this platform. Fees: You can post skills for free on this site. Involving specific odd jobs, each time you complete a job and receive a payment from your employer, you must pay a 20% service fee to the platform. Advantages: Fiverr has a wide range of cross-border freelance jobs, including recruiting voice actors, speech writers, and data entry specialists. Because of its diversity in recruiting talents, the platform has also attracted many employers. If you can’t find an employer that offers freelance work, you may wish to consider Fiverr. Disadvantages: Fiverr comes from the name "Five" (5), which means that the starting price for freelancers is $5. Therefore, freelancers do not start at high prices on this site. Moreover, it is difficult to increase the price of their services on this platform.


Freelancer is another relatively well-known global cross-border freelance mall site, and has relatively well-known customers in the world, such as Microsoft, Boeing and Intel and other commercial giants. Charges: Freelancer's down payment system is more complicated. The fees for ordinary freelancers generally include the following three sectors: 10% introduction fee for all applied items If awarded a bid award, a 10% bonus will also be drawn After winning the bidding award and taking on the same employer's project, a 20% fee will be charged If your account has been inactive for more than 6 months, this site will also charge a maintenance fee of $10 per month. Advantages: This website has more cross-border freelance categories, including a variety of positions, and there are about 1350 different job categories. Disadvantages: The fee structure is confusing, and over time, fees may continue to rise. Other comprehensive cross-border freelance websites The websites mentioned above are some well-known comprehensive cross-border freelance websites. Freelancers can find a variety of odd jobs on it, but there are many such cross-border freelance websites. We can find many positions from marketing to video editing, from searching information to virtual assistants on these websites.

But there are many such cross-border free career platforms, you can learn more.






Genuine Jobs







Just Answer


Mechanical Turk






People Per Hour





Skip The Drive

Solid Gigs

Smashing Jobs

Student Freelancing

The Muse


Virtual Vocations

We Work Remotely


Working Nomads




Authors and editors of cross-border freelance websites

If you are a freelance author or editor, the following cross-border freelance websites should be more suitable for you. Freelancer Writing Gigs Freelancer Writing Gigs is a website for freelancers who are good at writing and editing articles. This website publishes work on freelance writing and article editing twice a week, and also provides some tips for improving writing skills. Charge: No charge! Free cross-border freelance job postings on this site can be viewed for free. Advantages: The Freelancer Writing Gigs team integrates many freelance positions on the Internet in the area of ​​article writing and editing, and is particularly suitable for writers and editors. If you plan to work in article writing for a long time, this website also has a lot of very useful information that can help you improve your writing skills. Disadvantages: Freelancer Writing Gigs only updates relevant positions twice a week, so some positions have expired.

Journalism Jobs

Journalism Jobs is a professional news cross-border freelance website, especially suitable for practitioners in the field of journalism. There are various job information on the website, including editing, writing, and reporting jobs. Fees: For job seekers, Journalism Jobs is a completely free platform. Advantages: We know from the name of the website that this website is focused on the field of news. If you are engaged in news work, this website must not be missed. Disadvantages: In addition to various positions for cross-border freelance work, this website also includes other full-time news positions. Therefore, if you plan to enter the news cross-border freelance career, you need to filter from a variety of complex information.


Contently is a content marketing platform that connects various brands and many content marketers. There are many types of content items, including blog posts (see 13 content formats to help you get more traffic), white papers, and case studies. If you want to live on this platform, first you need to register an account, and then show the past work case. Then, many big brands may contact you after seeing your case. Fees: Setting up a document library on Contently is completely free, but once you start taking tasks, you need to pay a 15% commission to the platform. Advantages: The Contently platform will undertake many of the highest online writing tasks, and many customers are willing to pay 1 to 2 dollars per word. Disadvantages: The cycle of approval of your personal resume is relatively long. New authors on the platform may have to wait for weeks (or even months) to receive tasks through the platform review. Authors and other cross-border freelance websites If you feel that the above websites are not suitable for you, I will recommend other websites that provide cross-border free professional opportunities for writers and editors.

The following are all subdivided platforms in the field of writing:

Blogging Pro Job Board


Freedom With Writing

Freelance Writing Jobs (freelance jobs for Canadian writers)

Government Bids

Online Writing Jobs

ProBlogger Job Board





Task Army




Writer Bay

Design and developer cross-border freelance website

Those engaged in design, software development, and software engineering are technical talents, and there are also cross-border freelance websites for these groups on the Internet. The following websites are the best choice for designers, developers, code farmers, and engineers: 99Designs 99designs is a design platform where designers can find various projects, including logo design, custom illustrations, brand promotion and other positions. Competing for bidding on this platform also requires bidding. During the bidding process, the client sends a task summary, and then the designer submits their design work to compete for the same project. Fees: 99designs will charge designers, these fees include

Client introduction fee (15% within the first 500 USD) "Platform fee" for one-to-one bidding (5%-15%, these depend on the level and experience of the designer)

If you win the project bid, this platform will not charge any customer introduction fees. Advantages: The 99designs platform contains many design positions, and there are many opportunities. Whether you are an illustrator or a logo designer, this is also a brand promoter or an outer packaging designer. Generally speaking, you have the opportunity to win bids and receive jobs. Disadvantages: Customers can directly contact designers. 99designs is a well-known design bidding platform. The platform is very friendly to customers, but not so friendly to designers. If your design is not selected, there is no money to make.


AngelList is the platform of choice for all startups and companies. Although the website provides a variety of services to startups and companies, the most popular and distinctive feature is his job posting section, which includes cross-border freelance positions. Charge: Free! AngelList is a completely free platform for designers, code farmers and other types of cross-border freelancers. Advantages: AngelList is not only free for many freelancers, but also free for employers. In other words, on this platform, you can see the job information released by many startups and companies, and there are more freelance options. Disadvantages: Cross-border freelancers do not necessarily want to undertake the work of start-up companies and companies. If the work pace is relatively fast and the environment is not very attractive, freelancers are likely to turn to other platforms.

Envato Studio

Envato Studio is a freelance website especially suitable for designers and developers. Freelancers can display their works, cases and previous good reviews on this website. The customer will contact you if necessary. Fees: Every time the project ends, the Envato Studio platform charges freelancers a 30% platform fee. Advantages: Envato is relatively famous in the digital field, so the customers on the platform are also relatively high-quality. Disadvantages: The 30% service fee charged by the platform is the highest in the industry. And all freelancers have to go through a review process in the early stage, and not all freelancers have the opportunity to pass the review. Therefore, there are still thresholds for this platform. Design and development of other cross-border freelance websites If the aforementioned websites are not suitable for you, you can also choose other similar platforms. Programmers, code farmers, developers, designers can also choose the following other targeted platforms.

Art Wanted

Authentic Jobs




Computer Assistant










Hexi Design



Scalable Path

Smashing Jobs





How to filter jobs on the cross-border freelance website

There are many cross-border freelance websites on the Internet, and the positions above are also varied. But not all job opportunities are of the same quality, and it is also important to screen for suitable cross-border freelance jobs.

Quality work

Regular work

Suitable for your job

But the question is how can you select your favorite from many positions? Here are a few suggestions. Pay attention to the job information published by the cross-border freelance website First of all, cross-border freelancers should read through the published job information, because the job information generally contains certain requirements. Cross-border freelancers can see more or less from this information whether these jobs are regular jobs. Before sending an application, you also need to check whether these positions contain grammatical errors, spelling errors, and sensitive words. Search for employer information on cross-border freelance websites

If your favorite position feels good in all aspects, now search some information related to employers (companies, companies) online. You can log in to a website like Glassdoor to see the evaluation of employees, or you can log in to a website like Upwork to see other freelancers' evaluations of employers. List issues in a targeted manner If you decide to apply for a cross-border freelance job, you must first ask the other party for relevant information to ensure that the project is suitable for you. such as:

What is the scope of the project?

What are the key requirements for delivery?

When is the deadline?

Do you need to pay per project or hourly?

What is the communication and submission system for the project (Google Drive, Slack, or Asana)?

How to collect money? (Most freelance websites have their own payment system, but if you apply directly for a position, it is best to ask when and how the other party pays) Figure out working hours

Do you need to use other communication methods to attend meetings or work overtime during the project? If so, ask if there is any subsidy.

Apply for a cross-border freelance position

Everyone who is interested in engaging in cross-border freelance work, before you start applying for cross-border freelance work, you need to do some preparation work. Polished resume

To apply for a new job, you need to prepare the latest resume, especially for cross-border freelance. Your resume should include at least work experience, talent background, and related skills. Update LinkedIn personal account

If you are engaged in cross-border freelance work, it is best to also update your resume on LinkedIn. This article is listed separately because many people are working on LinkedIn, and many people find me on LinkedIn to cooperate. Make an online work file

Engaged in cross-border freelance work, your potential employer usually wants to know a specific sample of your past work, so you can make an online work file in a targeted manner. Online work files are one of the best ways to show yourself to employers. You can create online work files on related job search websites, and of course you can also make a work file display website yourself (refer to "How to Build a WordPress Site on SiteGround" ").

Create cover letter template

If you want to apply for many positions, you may wish to create a cover letter template. It is very convenient to apply for a job online using the cover letter template. The most important thing is to save a lot of time. Stand out from the massive cross-border freelancers: business advice There are many freelance workers on the Internet. A particularly attractive job usually has many freelancers competing at the same time. It is crucial to stand out from these people. A good way to highlight yourself is to provide business advice to potential employers, and also tell employers that you know something better, so they are especially suitable for each other's positions. The implicit meaning of the business proposal is that you are willing to spend time and energy for the other party according to the actual situation of the other party. Tell the person further that you are the most suitable person. Negotiate salary with cross-border freelance employers The final step is to negotiate salary with the other party. Many novice cross-border freelancers will initially feel that negotiating salary may make the other person uncomfortable. But this step is essential! When negotiating salary with the other party, at least the following aspects should be noted:

Information search

Before making a quotation to an employer, you must first search for relevant information and understand the salary in your field. At the same time, you must give a quotation based on your work level and work experience. Consider tax issues As a cross-border freelancer, you must take on the tax task yourself. Regardless of the project or hourly calculation of salary, the amount of money finally obtained must be different from the time of receiving the job (the actual amount is less). Therefore, when quoting to an employer, one must also consider taxation issues. Pay attention to the bottom line Because there are more people engaged in cross-border freelance work, if you do not receive work for a long time, you may lower your bid. However, be sure to hold on! It is necessary to set a minimum threshold for remuneration. If the cost is too low, you do not have to grieve yourself. Otherwise, the salary is not worth the effort, and it will be frustrating for a long time. The “gig economy” has long been mature abroad, and there are many corresponding cross-border freelance websites. There are more than 90 cross-border freelance websites listed above, and there is always one for you. What are you waiting for? Check out these sites! Do some sideline work and subsidize household use. Maybe for a long time, you will find your entrepreneurial opportunities from these scattered "workers"! In addition, Painful Translation recommends to you a partial door to make dollars and euros-short link generator to make money only needs these 4 steps. If you like the translated articles, please comment, share and repost.