Bipolar mania Disorder: A mental disorder that transforms from pleasure to suicide

bipolar mania

Dreamy looking at the calendar hanging on the wall lying in the hospital bed. Suddenly, everything in his life became random. How beautiful his days were a few days ago. Everyone in the office liked him very much. The manager was so pleased with his work that he even lobbied for promotions in advance.

But in the last two weeks, everything seems to be on the opposite pole. Good times seemed to slowly fade away from his life. Dreamy could not contain himself. Began to misbehave with everyone in the office. The misbehavior of the day with the manager became the food of discussion in the whole office.

Slowly, as if dreaming. At one point it seemed that his life was in vain. He has nothing to ask from this life. The mind is always ringing, why this survival? That's why three days ago, Swapnil took all the sleeping pills in the packet together. Since then there has been treatment at this hospital. Early in the morning the younger sister heard from Millie, the idea of the doctors, that she was probably suffering from bipolar disorder. Swapnil had no idea about this.So today's article is an attempt to inform this unknown thing to many like Swapnil.

bipolar mania

What is bipolar disorder?

The synonym of English 'bipolar' is 'bipolar'. That is to say, there are two poles or stages of human mental problems. The mental behavior or expression of people with this type of mental illness becomes completely different at two different times.

For example, at one time the human mind became impossibly lively. He feels extreme enthusiasm in any work. During this time much more work ethic and insanity can be noticed in his character. At this time the mind of the person becomes impossibly confident, due to which he does not hesitate to show too much courage in many horrible and dangerous tasks. In the language of psychology, this level of mind is called 'mania'. The initial stage of mania is called 'hypomania'.

On the other hand, after a while, this state of mind gradually changes and returns to normal. But a person with bipolar disorder cannot stay in this condition for long. After a few days, a radical change of mind started happening again. You feel a kind of exhaustion in your mind for no reason. A kind of despair or frustration sat across his mind. Even then, the person still feels lonely. His mind does not want to sit on anything. Relatives, friends and social contacts want to avoid as much as possible.

The affected person cannot think of anything normally at this time. His memory also becomes a little weak. Many kinds of thoughts do not want to sleep at night. His life seems purposeless. This state of mind is called ‘depression’ or ‘exhausted’ stage in the language of medicine. The most dangerous or last stage of this stage is the tendency to commit suicide.

bipolar mania


There is no specific cause for bipolar disorder. This type of mental problem can occur for a variety of reasons. However, the general causes of this disease are discussed.

Hereditary or genetic

It is generally thought that heredity is the cause of this problem. In other words, if someone in the family has this mental problem, then this problem may occur in the next generation.

Excessive stress

Excessive stress can also cause such problems. Such problems can be due to complications in the workplace, complications in the family, financial problems, loss of business or various emotional feelings.

Childhood memories

The memory of a mental or physical trauma of childhood that remains as a horror in the room of the mind, which has never been told or is not worth telling, which always afflicts the mind unknowingly; Such events or memories later become responsible for such mental problems.


Since the behavior of a person with this disease changes completely from the mania stage to the depression stage. As such, their symptoms also appear almost differently in a person. However, a person with bipolar disorder can never understand his state of mind. So family and close people need to have an idea about this mental problem.

bipolar mania

Symptoms of mania stage

Talking too much and not letting anyone talk in between

Being distracted from the main content of a story or conversation

Always keep yourself immersed in different thoughts

Introducing extra interest and expertise in any job

Becoming much more emotional

Spending without accounting or squandering all money

This stage can last for three to six months if not treated at the right time. At this stage the individual's individuality and judgment are diminished. Anyone can do anything with him. As a result, the affected person can engage in many dangerous activities during this time. Mild forms of mania are hypermania, which can last from three to four days.

bipolar mania

The stage of depression

The symptoms of this stage are the complete opposite of the mania stage.

Becoming much more depressed

Feeling anxious and panicked at any task

Blaming yourself for everything and acting a kind of guilt

Frustrated with life

Sleep deprivation

Decreased sexual interest

Loss of motivation

Attempted suicide

This stage can last from two weeks to six months if it becomes too intense. However, if it lasts too long, such patients choose suicide as a last resort. Types of bipolar disorder

bipolar mania

There are 4 usual types of bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder-1

When a person changes regularly from mania stage to depressive stage, it is called bipolar disorder-1. People with this type of disorder mainly seek medical attention. However, if such a problem does not last more than a week, it is not considered a complex problem.

Bipolar disorder-2

In this type of disorder the patient only experiences the stage of hypomania, which does not transform into mania. On the other hand at least once felt the stage of depression.


If a person experiences the stage of hypomania or mild depression several times in life, it is called cyclothymia stage. None of these stages last long. So this stage is relatively much more common.


In addition to bipolar disorder, a person's mood or behavior may change. All those problems are caught at other levels.


Treatment is a big hurdle for people with bipolar disorder. The main reason for this is that the affected person can never understand his own problem or even if he understands it, he cannot accept the matter of mental problem at all. For this reason it is recommended that others in the family have a good idea about this problem.

Besides, if anyone in the family has this problem, it should be informed to everyone without hiding it. If the problem goes to a very severe stage, you should seek the help of an experienced psychologist or physician. It is possible to control the disease by meditating regularly, doing yoga, taking regular doctor's advice, taking medicine on doctor's advice and learning more about this disease.