How to create backlinks


First of all, let's know what backlinks are.

means getting a link to your site from a site. Suppose you have a web site and you put the link of that site to another site. Then you will get a backlink for your site from the site where you gave the link to your site. If your site is A and the site you link to is B, then you get a backlink from B site.In this way, the more links you give to your site, the more backlinks you will get. And this is considered as the most important thing in search engine optimization.

In other words, we can say that incoming links from other sites to our own sites are called backlinks. "

Why this backlink?

When I think of backlinks, I think of the great leaders of our country. Are you surprised to hear me? When I talk about the need for backlinks, I ask everyone to compare them with these leaders.


Manpower is the biggest ball. Suppose you have a lot of money but you don't get any people to work, then is there any value for money? No, not at all. Likewise an influential leader but alone has no value. You will see that he always wants a lot of Sang-Pang (let there be manpower). Because the more the manpower, the more the influence of his power will be. As a result, he will be able to exert more influence in all places. He will become a power full man backlink to search engines and so on. There is no substitute for increasing backlinks to increase the importance and acceptability of a site.One backlink is a vote for you. Search engines are always looking for more backlinks for a site. Because you may never want to put an ineligible candidate in an important position. For this, backlinks are more important for search engines and their first page.

What is Duflo backlink?

backlinks are a simple HTML link. Through which the link will refer directly to your site and the blog or post will support this link. Duflo backlinks are the strongest links. What kind of rank you will get depends on what kind of blog work you are getting Duflo backlinks from. For example, I'm presenting a Duflo backlink to a site via a link to a simple HTML source code.

What is a no-follow backlink?

A no-follow backlink is a type of link that prevents a website search engine from crawling / indexing its published backlinks. However, you can get some visitors through it. Popular sites around the world use noflo backlinks such as Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, etc.The noflo backlink is accompanied by the code rel = "nofollow" which prevents search engines from indexing it.

 bloge comments

What is blog commenting?

commenting is the process of commenting on a site that can be commented on. For those who work with SEO, blog commenting is a part of off-page SEO. This is an acceptable way to generate backlinks. You can create backlinks for your site by commenting on other quality blog articles to match the content of your site. You can easily create a connection with another site through blog comments and increase the number of backlinks to your site.

How to find a good blog for blog commenting?

The first thing you need to do is find a good quality blog. To say good quality blog:

Must be an active blog. Must be popular. Some good quality writers should be there. The page rank of the blog should be good. If Duflo is, then much better. However, if you have the above qualities, you can do noflo.

You will find the blogs by searching from Google. In this case you can use these commands to search easily.

When commenting on blogs, keep in mind:

How relevant is the link to your site to the blog you are commenting on? Always try to comment first. If someone has asked a question in a post, you can do so by commenting if you want to add any useful information. Try to make the comment meaningful. Write a comment of at least four or five lines. The e-mail you are giving in the comments should have a profile image. It is better to give your name when you comment, to promote your own brand. Although many do not like it. Because it is often considered as spamming. Again, if your comment is anonymous, but its content or writing is informative, then your comment must be accepted. If your comment is ‘Thank you!’ Or ‘Really nice post’, then there is no benefit from such a comment.

What is the easiest way to comment?

You will see that many people have commented there before you. You can rewrite and post any of their comments.

2.Profile Backlink (Very Easy Method - It is very easy, those who are weak in English can do it) For those of us who want to do link building work in freelancing, profile backlinks are an important issue. Profile backlinks are, registering on a specific site and going to your own profile settings and giving the URL of the website. This is an easy way to get instant backlinks on a high PR site. Suppose you get a job on a freelancing site, you need to create 100 backlinks on a high PR site. The buyer did not mention any specific method for creating backlinks, such as blog comments, forum postings, etc. You will be able to do this in a very short time by creating a profile backlink.