It's hard to find time for yourself in a busy brick-and-mortar city. Technology seems to be a blessing at this time. He also wants to take responsibility for the small thoughts of daily life. What are the implications of information technology in daily life, in some cases the use of technology,His list cannot be finished. Because technology is deeply involved in our daily lives.

The most important thing in modern life is that this change is affecting every sector of every country in the world, as a result of which the process of production, management, and even the process of running the state is changing.Experts believe that the changes in the information technology sector around the world through smart phones, Internet of Things, application of artificial intelligence in equipment management, robotics, biotechnology, quantum computing are the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution or digital revolution.During this fourth industrial revolution, technology is affecting our lives in one way or another. It is difficult to find people in the world whose lives have not been affected by information and communication technology.

Technology in the workplace: paperless office

In 1975, an article was published in Business Week for the first time about doing office work without using paper; But then it was a lot like science fiction. Because to make it a reality, everyone in the office has to have a computer, which no one could have imagined then. Now many offices have been turned into completely paperless offices. You don't have to write anything on paper in the office, you just write on the computer and send it to each other. Computers are connected to one another through a network. So in the blink of an eye all the work is done.

Technology in the workplace: virtual office

Nowadays, during the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we control almost everything with computers, and if all computers are connected to each other through a network, then whether I am using that computer in the office or at home, what does it matter?

Basically, those who work in freelancing, they get the benefit of this virtual office. It was first discussed in 1973 and the first such office was set up in 1994. Those who are working are not physically in the office but the name of the office where the office work is going on is virtual office.

Technology in selection: EVM

Almost everything from the government of a democratic country is fixed through voting in elections. Ballot paper is required for voting, where the names and marks of the candidates are printed. Voters have to seal it and put it in the ballot box. They have to be counted at the end of the election. There is no such problem in electronic voting machine. Voters cast their ballots directly by pressing the button on the machine, and the results come out within moments of the election. Many important elections in our country have been conducted with these electronic voting machines or EVMs.

Medicare Health

Often forget to take medicine while busy. This application will remind you to take medicine on time. Apart from that, this app will also help you to read the medical papers of incomprehensible doctors.


The app at Fuduquet helps maintain health, wellness and weight properly. About 250,000 have been given nutritional value of food, along with the advice to take food that is beneficial for health. It will also keep track of your sleep, mood and appetite and this is where you can keep a list of your favorite foods.

Google Assistant will keep a list of all the tasks of the day

Recently, Google Assistant has added the feature of scrolling through the day's routine together. Calendars, stock markets, flight times, restaurant bookings, meeting times, product delivery times and reminders are all now in 'Visual Snapshot'.