Aloe vera or aloe vera is a very familiar plant to us. The Bengali name for aloe vera is Aloe vera. However, people around the world know it as aloe vera. It is a stemless succulent and well-governed tree. This tree grows to an average height of 80-100 cm. The leaves can grow up to 10-20 inches long.

The leaves have thorns on both sides and the leaves are very flat in shape. Carolinias was the first to name aloe vera. People have been using aloe vera as a medicinal plant for many years.

yellow lattice is found just below the leaf and this gel is found under it. There is no end to the medicinal properties of this multifaceted plant. It contains calcium, sodium, iron, potassium, manganese, zinc, folic acid, amino acids and vitamins A, B6, B2 etc.

1) Aloe vera to keep the heart healthy: - Aloe vera juice helps to keep your heart healthy. Aloe vera lowers cholesterol levels. It regulates blood pressure, normalizes blood circulation and increases the ability of the blood to carry oxygen. Helps to increase blood cells by removing contaminated blood from the body. As a result, your heart stays healthy for a long time.

2) Prevention of muscle and joint pain Aloe vera: - Aloe vera helps to reduce muscle pain. Even applying aloe vera gel cream on the sore spot reduces the pain.

3) Aloe vera in dental care: - Aloe vera juice relieves toothache and gum pain. If there is any infection in the teeth, it also removes it. Regular consumption of aloe vera juice can prevent tooth decay.

4) Aloe vera to lose weight: - Aloe vera juice is very effective to lose weight. Chronic inflammation causes fat accumulation in the body. The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera juice help prevent this inflammation and reduce weight. For all these reasons, nutritionists recommend keeping aloe vera juice on the diet list.

5) Aloe vera to increase digestion: - There is no pair of aloe vera juice to increase digestion. It prevents bacteria that cause inflammation in the intestines by increasing the beneficial bacteria in the intestines, which increases digestion. Aloe vera also works very well against diarrhea.

6) Aloe vera to prevent diabetes: - Aloe vera juice keeps the amount of sugar in the blood right and maintains blood circulation in the body. It is possible to prevent diabetes by eating its juice regularly at the beginning of diabetes. So drink aloe vera juice regularly before or after meals to control your diabetes.

7) Aloe vera in skin care: - We all know about the use of aloe vera in skin care. The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera reduce the risk of skin infections and acne.

8) Aloe vera to increase immunity: - Aloe vera is a plant rich in anti-microbial and anti-fungal ingredients. Regular consumption of aloe vera juice boosts the immune system and helps to keep the body healthy by eliminating toxins.

9) Aloe vera to eliminate bad breath: - Aloe vera contains vitamin-C, which removes germs from the mouth, gums swell, stops bleeding from the gums. Studies have shown that aloe vera gel can also be used as an alternative to mouthwash.

10) Aloe vera to make hair beautiful: - Aloe vera can not be said to be the quality of dandruff, there is no comparison. Aloe vera is very beneficial even for shiny hair. So aloe vera is your daily companion in hair care.

11) Aloe vera to heal mouth sores: - Many people get sores on the face, and aloe vera is very effective in removing mouth sores. Applying Elvera gel to the wound heals the wound.

12) Aloe vera to prevent cancer: - Studies have shown that aloe vera contains aloe imodine, which prevents the spread of breast cancer. Aloe vera also plays a very effective role in preventing other cancers.

13) Help reduce blood pressure: - One of the many benefits of aloe vera is that there is no comparison to reduce blood pressure. The medicinal properties of aloe vera lower blood pressure and help normalize blood cholesterol and sugar levels.

14) To remove harmful substances: - Some harmful substances can enter the body and cause various diseases. As a result, it is not good for the body at all. All these harmful substances need to be removed from the body. Drinking aloe vera juice prevents harmful substances from entering the body. And even if it enters, drinking aloe vera juice helps to get rid of it. In this case, the quality of aloe vera juice is immense.

15) To cure skin diseases and wounds: - Aloe vera also works as a natural medicine. This aloe vera juice cures various skin diseases and wounds. This aloe vera is often used in first aid.

16) To eliminate fatigue: - Aloe vera juice has many properties to eliminate the weakness of the body. If you drink aloe vera juice regularly then the body will get rid of fatigue and keep the body fresh and beautiful.

17) To overcome the problem of constipation: - Aloe vera juice contains many times the gel. Drinking this gel regularly will eliminate stomach problems. And if you eat a balanced diet as well as regular aloe vera juice, then constipation is likely to go away. In addition, aloe vera gel contains about 20 types of amino acids that prevent inflammation and bacteria, digestion and heartburn.